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>pip install GPTRouter
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GPTRouter integrates smoothly with leading providers like OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, Azure OpenAI, ChatOpenAI, Dalle, Stable Diffusion, GPT4, Llava2 Image Model (Replicate), and more. It's also flexible for easy customisation to add new models as needed.


Azure OpenAI

LLava2 (Replicate)

Stable Diffusion


Writesonic'sAI Model Router solution is licensed under GNU and is absolutely free to use. Experience efficiency reimagined – sign up [here] today to step into the future of AI model management 🚀

1,500 Million+ Tokens

Trust in GPTRouter's efficiency, marked by over 1,531 million tokens processed with precision

1,552,418+ API Calls

Reliability in numbers - with more than 1,552,418 API calls flawlessly handled, we ensure a smooth operation

100+ Incidents Handled

Proactive response equals zero interruptions - successfully evaded 150+ downtime events to keep you up and running

50+ Models

Versatility at its best - powering 50+ models in production and counting, customization has never been easier with GPTRouter.

We Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GPTRouter?

GPTRouter is an open-source AI Model Router that serves as a model health checker and a traffic balancer between AI models. It readily integrates with numerous providers, overseeing and managing prompt response, preventing downtime, and offering cost and latency observability.

Which AI models is GPTRouter compatible with

GPTRouter is compatible with a range of AI models including OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, Azure OpenAI, ChatOpenAI, Dalle, Stable Diffusion, GPT4, Llava2 Image Model (Replicate), and more. It's also customizable to add new models.

How does GPTRouter prevent downtime?

GPTRouter's advanced health-checking mechanism allows for real-time monitoring and swift model switching to prevent downtime during unplanned interruptions.

How do I customize GPTRouter for additional AI models not on your list?

GPTRouter is built with adaptability in mind, it can easily be customized to accommodate additional AI models. You can follow our customization instructions available in the documentation

How much does GPTRouter cost?

GPTRouter is absolutely free to use. It's licensed under GNU, making it accessible and affordable for everyone.

Where can I deploy GPTRouter?

GPTRouter can be deployed anywhere but we prefer deploying it on AWS ECS and IAAC templates for same can be found in our documentation, we are also in process to release templates for same.